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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Manhattan Saturday: BUMPSHOP! Cut Chemist!

that's right, the one and only world-renowned dj cut chemist (jurassic 5,
"brainfreeze," "product placement," etc.) pays his second visit to our
meatpacking-district basement for this month's BUMPSHOP party!

what to expect: lots of people trying to find room to dance. loud rare
funk and soul vinyl. fun. intrigue. beer in tall japanese cans.

resident DJs: chairman mao, david g., jared b., and mr. fine wine

this saturday, july 1
"where we fix your chassis"

419 west 13th st between ninth ave and washington
10:30 till 4
or email: for more information/limited guest-list access

Sparkling Roster of Music-Biz Friends

i'll be doing my usual unusual soul-45
thing at BOTANICA this and every foreseeable WEDNESDAY...

47 east houston, between mulberry and mott...10 till! in its 11th never know who you'll see...

musically luminous droppers-by over the past decade (many with records in hand) have included keb darge, egon, cut chemist, yo la tengo, dante carfagna, the dirtbombs, nick weirdgear, soulpusher, the noble bros., the detroit cobras, chairman mao, georges sulmers, david griffiths, w. lee, greg tormo, tim brown, the budos band, miss shingaling, jeff truth'n'soul, gabe daptone, neal sugarman, martin soulgeneration, jared soundlibrary, gino motherfunk, jukka timion, miles breakestra, small change, shakey, the mighty imperials, mr. robinson, lynne k, jennie w., daddy bones, nelson george, eddie vedder, primitive sound system, jaiko suzuki, dave funkadelphia, flex unger, lupe loop, phast phreddie, soulcracker, inbetween, soul sister, cool hands luke, upsetter fc, jonny metro, miss nelch, bossyboots, hardtop, matthew africa, and cosmo baker...

forgive me if i've momentarily forgotten you...but come this week and i'll add you next time!


Monday, June 26, 2006

Podcast: Downtown Soulville Friday 6/23

Manhattan: Soul Wednesdays - June 28, 2006

Mr. Fine Wine's at Botanica this Wednesday, June 28, from 10 PM until late

spinning soul 45s... obscure R&B...

47 East Houston Street
between Mott and Mulberry
New York NY 10012

21 and over WITH I.D.!

Come back soon for more dates and gigs!!