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Monday, July 31, 2006

International DJ'ing

I'll be spinning 45s in the following cities on the following dates:

Madrid, Spain (September 16)
Hamburg, Germany (October 14)
Plymouth, England (October 18)

Details to come!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Kings County Soul

KINGS COUNTY SOUL happens every Thursday at Black Betty, led by a rotating cast of DJs: me and my estimable colleagues MonkOne and Emskee.

This Thursday, July 27, it's me. 10 till close, free, soul and funk and R&B and raw soulful gospel 45s all night, dancing encouraged. Great food, too!

Black Betty
366 Metropolitan Avenue, at Havemeyer Street
Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Latest “Downtown Soulville” Playlist

The Fabulous Royal Flames—Doggin’ the Duck (London House)
Chuck Berry—Club Nitty Gritty (Mercury) 
Johnny Scott—Hide & Seek With Me (Portra)
Dennis Edwards—Johnny on the Spot (International Soulsville)
Johnny Nash—Strange Feeling (Argo)
Earl Wright—Them Love Blues (Virgo)
Ray Johnson—Sherry’s Party (Loma)
Rodge Martin—Close My Eyes and Open Up My Mind (Newark)
Ko Ko Taylor—Instant Everything (Yambo)
Little Oscar—Empty Bottles (Palos)
Al Perkins & Band—Really (USA)
The Earthworms—Mo’ Taters (Bobbin)
Sonny Jones—Suffering (Tune-Kel)
Sarah McCall—Your Bucket Got a Hole in It (Public)
Lena & the Deltanettes—Turn Around Baby (Uptown)
Billy Hambric—I Found True Love (Drum)
The Party Brothers—Do the Ground Hog (Revue)
Otis Bush & the Crusaders—Sock ’Em Wiith a Good Foot (Cha Cha)
Jo Ann Garrett—Get Back (Duo)
L.J. Reynolds—Intruder (Mainstream)
1619 B.A.B.—For Your Love (Brown Sugar)
Elmer & Brenda Parker—Got to Get Back to Louisiana (Rare Bird)
Soul Chargers—In Between (American) 

Hear for yourself. This is soul.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Horse River Social Friday, 7/21

Please join us Friday, July 21, for this month's installment of that
kicking mustang of a soul dance party, the Horse River Social!

Royal Oak
594 Union Ave., at Richardson St.
Williamsburg, Brooklyn
10 till 4

Third Friday of every month
Serving all your Camel Walk needs since October '05!
DJs The Paw & Mr. Fine Wine presiding

dance dance dance
sweat sweat sweat
drink drink drink
dance some more

Have a look at the party pix!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Never Made It to This Detroit Place

And now it's gone. It was right around the corner from Motown HQ on West Grand Boulevard. Did James Jamerson try the pigs' feet? Was Shorty Long hooked on the shrimp? We'll never know. But I'm hooked on thinking about it....That much I do know.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Get in Gear! WEIRD Gear, That Is!

This Thursday, July 13, marks the debut of our
perhaps-not-doomed-even-though-the-first-bar-we-held-it-in-closed-abruptly-after-one-installment WEIRD GEAR party at Royal Oak, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (594 Union Avenue, at the corner of Richardson Street). 10 till late. Free! With DJs Nick Cope, Richard Lewis, Michael Robinson, Marty Violence, and Mr. Fine Wine spinning the utmost in Weird Gear all night. What is Weird Gear? Well...uh...hmmm. It's not soul! That's all I'll say. Check it out!

Samples from a Weird Gearhead's DJ box:

Frank David Selection, "Lost in Outer Space"
Jack La Forge, "The Cleopatra Kick"
Lalo Schifrin, "Life Insurance"
The New Bermuda Stealers, "Rhapsody in Blue"
Serge Gainsbourg, "Theme of Le Horse"

Second Thursday of every month @Royal Oak!

What Time Is It?

But then again, when isn't it?